Celebrating Women

Photo by  Keith Fine

Photo by Keith Fine

I read an article a while ago about women in the outdoors and how they don’t celebrate their accomplishments on social media. Personally, I found this to be ill reporting since so many of the women that I follow on social media are badass accomplishing inspiring boss ladies.

But since thats just one article, heres a short little story for you to read about my accomplishments this year.

I turned 27 last week, and I celebrated that by road trippin’ out to the desert solo. Eight months ago I found myself in the position of sleeping in separate tents while backcountry camping at the Sand Dunes which ended with my hysterically crying and forcibly making my ex let me sleep in his tent. Not my finest moment.

But over the months I have gone from never being able to see myself camp alone to, yeah maybe one day.

Until last weekend. When I did the damn thing!

So I spent my 27th birthday completely alone. I woke up alone, I drove alone, I hiked alone, I watched the sunset alone, I sat around a campfire alone, and I fell asleep alone. There was no glorifying moment, and it wasn’t entirely fun. But its not something I would have done at 26, so maybe theres some glory in that.

And I've accomplished so much this year; I’ve had coffee with more strangers than it seems humanly possible for someone as introverted as me. I’ve hiked more trails alone in the last six months than I have in the last three years combined. I started my first campfire alone. I’ve tried and failed to summit a lot of mountains. I’ve tried and succeeded at many more trails. And most importantly, I have made friends near and far, with some bad ass inspiring women who find themselves in the outdoors as often as I do.

So heres to girls supporting girls and celebrating our accomplishments, big and small.