Desert Days in Moab | Utah Adventures


I’ve had a couple of trips around the sun and they’re always the best (funny story, I spent another birthday out here when I camped alone for the first time). This one was extra special as some of my favorite people and I headed out to the desert, and it just happened to be my birthday!

I often get shocked when I see friends mention other friends in comments or see them hanging out, my brain goes “wait, how do you know each other?” because I always forget how often I try to invite everyone to everything so all of the good people in my life can meet.


With technology, there are endless ways to meet new people, but the ways I’ve met the people that came on this trip is quite a surprising collection. There is the couple that I met during sunset when I asked to take their photo. Theres the person who drove down from Salt Lake to meet a stranger (me) in Moab to go hiking. There is the friend of a friend who have known each other since years (decades?) past. Theres the person who I met for the first time when we grabbed dinner with our mutual friend. Theres the person who drove out one day in the middle of winter to sit around a campfire with my friends and I. There’s the person who drove all the way from Arizona to camp with a bunch of strangers (my personal favorite, because I am very serious when I say, come camp with me!).

Long story short, group trips can be weird because maybe you all don’t want to do the same thing. But they don’t have to be! Coming together around the campfire at the end of the night is one of my favorite things about camping in groups, and you can totally go your separate ways during the day. Making group meals, sitting around during dinner, or hanging out during sunrise + set are sure ways to really create lasting memories with people. You can also explore trails together, watch base jumpers together, go swimming, or even have everyone set an alarm in the middle of the night to get up and star gaze together! Bonus points if you talk about the nitty gritty stuff that doesn’t often get talked about around a campfire ;)

No matter what, I promise if you go camping in the desert with a stranger, you’ll be friends by the time you leave!