Rollins Pass Campout | Adventures in Colorado

I think its been three weeks since I left my full time job. Like most of my decisions, the day came where I decided there were too many things I wanted to do in Colorado, too many states I wanted to travel to, and too many opportunities I was missing out on because of my work schedule. So I put my two weeks in and here we are, three weeks out. I've learned so much in the last three weeks, sitting in front of my computer, re-doing my entire website, finding myself seeking out women in the same position as me, learning so so so much (like, the whole business side of photography which I am 100% new to!). It is so fun and simultaneously terrifying. The nice thing is that there are a few side projects I have been working on, one of them being getting a bunch of friends out to camp which we were finally about to do last weekend.

So a few of us spent the weekend up Rollins Pass. Little did we know that it was also the 60 something year of the Epworth Cup happening on Sunday which meant the area was way more busy than it normally would have been. But let me tell you, seeing people living out of their vans, skiing lines down the side of Epworth, while we kayaked down below in Pumphouse Lake was so worth the extra few cars on the road. And lets not forget the party that happened the night before. We definitely walked away with a few memories that had us wondering if we would need to be calling search and rescue the next day. As a PSA: don't let your drunk friends [try to] walk down a 12 mile/11,000 foot elevation road at 9pm into town because that person forgot to bring beer. The liquor store will be closed by the time they get down.