Brand Lifestyle Photography with Influencer Lynnsey

Brand Lifestyle photography with Lynnsey of The Fox Travels

Lynnsey was one of the first people I met when I moved out to Grand Junction last year. She is a fellow photographer as well as a social media manager, owner of The Fox Travels, and a kick butt momma to two sweet boys. She taught me about free lensing, has graciously stepped in front of my camera many times, interviewed me for The Fox Travels, and also goes to the gym with me multiple days of the week where we laugh outrageously at how ridiculous we are while someone kicks our butts into shape.

Lynnsey and I met up a few weeks ago to get some brand lifestyle photos of her for her social media and personal branding. We met at her house and picked out some clothes while I played with her new baby (I know that makes it sound like she went to the baby store and bought a new baby but ya know) and she guided me into how to hold a small human because I have no experience and now I am obsessed. After playing tug of war with some strong baby hands, Lynnsey and I ventured around Grand Junction to capture some brands for her social media! Check out the awesome photos we captured for Toms, the Caledonia Design Co., and Noosa Yoghurt.

Make sure you follow Lynnsey @thefoxtravels! She is currently doing a 5 photo challenge where she takes her polaroid camera along with her on her adventures with her family and only takes five photos to document the trip as a way to stay more present in the moment. I absolutely LOVE this because Lynnsey is one person who has always inspired me to be more present, especially after she came over and crafted with me one evening where we didn’t touch our phones at all. If you’re as inspired as I am, tag your photos with #tft5photochallenge to tell your story!

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