RiNo IMAC Building with Morgen Ray

Imac Building | Places to Shoot Portraits in Denver Colorado

The Imac Building

One of my favorite things about Denver is how big the city is, so big that I lived there for five years and can still see a photo taken in downtown Denver and have no clue where the location is!

One of the more well known places around Denver to shoot is the Imac building. It’s located just north of downtown in the River North district, also known as RiNo! A lot of RiNo is covered in graffiti style art, for more information on the different murals in the area check out this neighborhood guide.

If you’re looking for a spot for an outdoor urban photoshoot, I definitely recommend RiNo! You can walk 10 blocks in any direction and find different colored murals and painted brick!

The Portrait Shoot

Morgen and I have been friends for years now and she had just recently moved back out to Denver so we met up when I was in town for another shoot! We found ourselves driving around downtown Denver in some lovely weekend traffic and ended up shooting in front of the Imac building, a first for me!