Great Sand Dunes National Park with Cedar + Pines

A few weeks ago (actually month now), some friends and I ventured out to the Sand Dunes.

Keith, Patrick, and I ventured down in the pack-to-the-gills FJ Cruiser, and met up with Megan & Nate of Cedar&Pines photography. I asked if I could shoot them since I've been wanting to photograph more people, and now I am hooked. They made it super easy for me, since they photograph other couples for a living, and what resulted were some of my favorite photographs ever taken.

The second day, my friend Allison met us as we explored the backcountry behind the Sand Dunes. Then after a very early night in (7pm) she took us to the most amazing Pass for sunrise.

It was a cold weekend, but the days were warm and sunny. One of my favorite memories of the trip was standing underneath a completely frozen Zapata falls, I think all of us, in awe of how beautiful it was, sharing a box of chips-ahoy cookies. Its the small things.