How to Create a Double Exposure in Post | Tips + Tricks

How to create a double exposure in photoshop

The History of the Double Exposure

Double exposures are originally something that came to light through film cameras. When you load film into a camera, if you don’t advance the film and instead expose the same frame of film twice, you create a double exposure! There are certain film cameras that are easier to create double exposures with than others, so if you are interested in creating double exposures with a film camera, just make sure you do your research!

Creating a Double Exposure with a DSLR Camera

Some DSLR cameras allow you to create double exposures in camera. If you find yourself shooting on a Canon 5D Mark IV like me, you have this option! I’m not sure about other DSLR cameras but for this one, grab your camera and hit the box with a paintbrush in it thats on the left side of your camera. Scroll one click to the right where it says ‘Multiple Exposure’ and go from there! I recommend that you change your ‘Save source images’ to All Images, so that if you want to tweak them later in post, you’re able to do that!

  • Another tip for shooting in camera, for the second image, turn your camera into Live View Mode. This allows you to see the first image you took on the LCD screen and place the second one easier!

Creating a Double Exposure in Adobe Photoshop

Now if none of the above worked for you, you can always use Lightroom and Photoshop to create a double exposure! Watch the video below to see how. Then scroll to the bottom to see some examples!


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