Lynnsey of The Fox Travels | In Home Studio Session

Lynnsey and I met recently for the first time since we both love photography and all of the creativity that comes along with it! She moved out to Grand Junction a couple of months before me, so it was nice to meet someone who is just as into the creative side of this job and also new to Grand Junction! You can check out Lynnseys website The Fox Travels and follow her on instagram here!

The other day she came over and let me take some photos of her in the studio! I have an obsession with hats (hi, hello, if you’ve ever met me, I’m probably wearing a hat) and wanted to do some portraits with an emphasis on hats!

A little way through the shoot Lynnsey asked me if I had ever tried free-lensing. Having heard about it but never actually putting it to practice, I am now I N L O V E with free lensing. Its when you take your lens off of your camera (yeah) and shoot while holding your lens in front of your camera.

Because I shoot with Canon, free lensing is pretty easy to learn and use. Some steps I recommend,

  • turn live view on

  • dismount your lens from your camera

  • hold your lens as close to the front of your camera as possible

  • turn the lens left and right so its not flat, it helps with finding the focus point!

Free lensing gives your photos these really soft focus points and offers an interesting variety in depth of field. These were all shot with a Canon 5DMIV and a Canon 50mm 1.2 L (my go to set up 95% of the time).

The light leaks were created with a triangular prism I bought off of amazon, and some were used with my iPhone as a reflector on the bottom of the photo to reflect the image on the bottom! Never be afraid to try new things to help give variety in your photos, especially in studio work!