Moab, Keith and I's First Date

Two months ago I messaged a stranger, lets go camping. Our third time meeting, we ventured out to Moab to spend four days in the desert together. What started as an attempt to get a group together, turned into just the two of us. So I supposed we both took the chance on each other and met up 350 miles away from our home.

Theres a different way that you get to know a stranger when you spend four days straight with them. You discuss stories, you talk about your past and where you've come from, mentally, physically, literally. You learn how to compromise on what you want to do, you learn to take into account what they want to do. You realize that you both have a hard time deciding on what to do (I think this is really because no one wants to make another person do something they don't want to do, so you both say "I don't care", and then you're lost on what to do for thirty minutes until one of you caves and makes a decision). 

Or at least thats what I learned with Keith. 

So to follow is our three night, four day excursion into Moab. We camped under a new moon next to a canyon wall, we let the Colorado river take our breath away when we swam in it, we four wheeled up and down slick rock and sand, we hiked through arches and creeks, we got lost on a choose your own adventure trail, we dined on amazing camp pancakes, we took midnight walks under the milky way, we saw every sunrise and sunset, and we made a friend out of a stranger in each other.