Palisade with Caitlin Fullam of Barefoot Atlas | Portraits in Palisade


Recently Caitlin reached out asking if I wanted to meet at Mount Garfield outside of Palisade! Having followed her work @Barefootatlas on Instagram and being obsessed with her dreamy self portraits, I was so excited to meet and explore an area with someone who thought it was as interesting as I did!

If you’ve ever driven along I-70 & Palisade, you’ve probably unknowingly driven next to the trailhead that climbs to the tallest part of the Book Cliffs, a ‘mountain’ named after the late president James Garfield. Its characterized by towering cliffs and buttes, and in the evening its usually cast in a pink glow by the sun setting over the Grand Valley.
Late winter and spring in Western Colorado is also mud season, but out here it is more of a clay season, so we tromped around the trails with clay stuck to our boots and I got to witness firsthand Caitlin take some self portraits in this crazy looking desert-scape!!

The next morning we met up for a gloomy sunrise, driving the winding roads of the Colorado National Monument! Caitlin braved the cold and let me snap some photos of her in some old thrifted dresses that I had held onto since my high school and college days!

Caitlin currently lives in Boulder and is also an incredible portrait photographer! If you’re in the area and are looking for a photographer that makes you feel incredibly comfortable infront of the camera, reach out! You can also check out more of her work on her instagram @Barefootatlas, and her website!