Caitlyn and the Grand Valley | Portraits in Grand Junction

A few weeks ago I got to photograph and explore Grand Junction with Caitlyn!

Caitlyn and I are in a mutual facebook group where last fall I listed a bunch of stuff that I was getting rid of and selling before my move out to Grand Junction. You know that feeling you have of impending doom at moving for the first time in three years and you find yourself zoning out thinking about HOW DID I ACCUMULATE THIS MUCH STUFF? I found myself mentally packing up everything in my little studio apartment and overwhelmed with the amount of things I didn’t need.

So I listed a sleeping bag for sale in this group because I had four of them (a lightweight one for backpacking, a two person that had actually been stolen, a 40 degree, and a 20 degree, so having that many definitely makes sense). A fellow girl in the group asked if I could ship the bag to her in Grand Junction and so I did!

Fast forward six months later, I’m sitting across from Caitlyn in Kiln, a local coffee shop, for the first time and we realize that it was her I had shipped the sleeping bag to! I had no idea, and thought it was the funniest thing ever.

We made plans to go shoot in the coming weeks and headed to the old train station, which will probably be the coolest place I’ve ever shot before, and Bangs Canyon where she told me about some of the fun hikes in the area (one of which, I coincidently did for the first time yesterday!).