Girls Road Trip | Adventures in the Pacific Northwest


If you’ve been following along on social media, you might be familiar with the road trip that I took a few weeks ago with some fellow Colorado ladies.

Let me start this first by saying that I have been dreaming of taking a trip like this for the last ten years. Four badass entrepreneurs, women who are supportive, passionate, driven, and hilarious, working together to travel across the country to see some new sights and work together. It was everything I ever imagined and more. This is how we did it.

How We Met



This beautiful multi colored hair goddess I met through instagram, most likely from my obsession with her ability to tell a story + make you feel present and welcome in her world. She also runs Bad Bettie Project, a Colorado non profit for women to network and grow together. She is 100% the reason why I sought out a community of such supportive women, and besides the million other businesses she runs, is the boss lady behind Currently Colorado.



Erika and I met for the first time a little over a year ago, as she is one of the first people I ever photographed when I transitioned from landscape to people! She reached out to me to co-create content with her for her blog Deeper Than Diet, and the rest is history. One of the few fellow Aquarius’ I know, Erika has a way of weaving words together that remind you that you are not alone on your personal journey.



Meghan was referred to me by Lauren, she needed some content for her business Adventure Toward Creative, and I needed business cards designed! We met at a local coffee shop and worked together, where we bonded over the fact that we are both from not only the same state but the same small town (whatttt). She is one of the most driven women in the freelancing business and gives 110% to her clients, even when she isn’t in the same state. (Also Meghan has the ability to be able to drive from 2am to 8am so kudos to ANYONE who can pull that off).

How The Trip Came to Fruition

Who knew that posting on facebook looking for people to travel with would generate one of my favorite trips to date. I think we all had a moment of “is this trip really going to happen” when it was only an idea, until one thing led to another and we all met for coffee to plan out an itinerary. We created a media kit to send to companies, and found some amazing people to work with while on the road, and went from there. Having sponsors to support us and our ideas while on the road was just the motivation we needed!

Photo by  Lauren Mims

Photo by Lauren Mims

If you’re hesitant to travel 3,500 miles with people who have not traveled with before, I am here to tell you to do it. I have learned so much about myself, about these women, about creating together, about shared experience, and I have never laughed harder. You dont have to travel five states away either, you can create these memories in your own backyard.

The Journey

We spent 10 days around Washington and Oregon and while every spot we visited was amazing, it was definitely the company that kept me so entertained. Being content creators + remote freelancers means that while we might have been away from the office, we were still working every day. One of the days we were out I remember we had all been up for 18 hours, hiking, exploring, driving, and working toward creating content for the brands that we had partnered with. It was a long ten days but it was also so fulfilling putting 100% of ourselves into this opportunity.

Thank You

Thank you so incredibly much to our sponsors. We love working with brands that resonate with what we believe in. Thank you to Proven Repellent for funding this trip, for believing in four ladies dream to see the PNW, and for keeping us bug bite free the entire ten days we were outside 24/7. Thank you to Kelty for sending us off so well prepared for our time spent outdoors, for providing us with the tools we needed to trek + sleep comfortably and safely outside. Thank you to Port Angeles + the Red Lion Inn for the most comfortable and amazing accommodations by Olympic National Park; I cannot tell you how much the experience of exploring Port Angeles by bike was such a memorable moment for me. Thank you to travel Astoria and the Holiday Inn Astoria for accommodating us when we were four sad cold ridden women huddled under blankets, cold medicine and tissues, and for all of the amazing places to explore and eat in the cutest little town. And thank you to Vaan & Co for the bags for holding all of our new found treasures, MPowerd Inc for lighting up our world, the Landmark Project for outfitting us in the cutest clothing, Bontzu Cellars for giving us a place to stay after a 16 hour drive through the night, and to Instagram for creating a world for likeminded creatives to have a platform to find each other.