Morning Light

There is a season for wildness and a season for settledness, and this neither. This season is about becoming.
— Shauna Niequiest


I've come to find that waking up for the sunrise is incredibly easy for me to do on very little sleep. Morning hikes when the air is crisp, and the cold frost that settled on you over the night begins to be replaced with sweat as you push yourself up the trail. My favorite moment is when you feel the sunlight peak over the horizon and you feel the first true warmth of the morning; these are the moments that I live for. When the mountain ranges glow orange and red with the first moment of light, when the fog and clouds are still settled low amongst the woods, and the sky glows with colors vary rarely seen. The still reflection of the horizon reflected on glassed over lakes, as wildlife rarely seen during peak hours start their morning. These are my favorite moments before the world wakes up, when the beauty of what surrounds me far surpasses any exhaustion I may feel. The soft colors of morning is overwhelming beautiful to me.