Built From Within

I'd spent the last few years of my life, in and out of relationships, in and out of love. The second half of 2016, I occupied my mind and time with what I needed out of other people.

Soon enough, I came to realize that I was idealizing traits within other people. I was seeking out inspiring and independent women, instead of becoming one myself. I was looking for support and encouragement from people, instead of providing that for myself. I was looking for men to make me feel sexy and confident, instead of finding more valuable reasons and aspects in life to make me feel that way. 

But what happens when you stop looking for your idealized version of another human being, and begin to build that within yourself? What happens when you learn that climbing mountains alone makes you feel confident, that living alone and supporting yourself makes you feel independent, and that not showering for four days straight with desert dirt and grime on every inch of you can make you feel sexy.

As soon as you can recognize the parts of other peoples lives that you idolize, you can start to create that world for yourself, and turn what you long for into what you work for.