Denvers' Bad Bettie Project Sunflower Portrait Shoot

Denvers Bad Bettie Project Sunflower Farm Shoot

Bad Bettie Project is a non-profit that benefits young women based out of the Denver Metro area! If you haven’t heard me talk about Bad Bettie Project, you probably aren’t following me on instagram, because I talk about it All 👏 The 👏 Time👏.

My favorite thing about Bad Bettie Project is how it redefines friendship among women. I don’t know if its just because my childhood occurred in a different age but I had never been exposed to this world where women weren’t constantly competetive with each other, but Bad Bettie Project is this amazing space for women to come together and change the narrative that sooo many of us are taught as young women! I’ve truly never been more grateful for the impact a group could have, not only on my life, but in the lives of its members as well!

So Bad Bettie Project throws a lot of different events, right now they have a reoccurring BBP Fitness event where you can go to different workout classes with other members! Last fall they had a little ‘shoot out’ at a Sunflower field up in Longmont, Colorado. This farm has E V E R Y T H I N G you could ever want in a photoshoot! Besides having amazing sunflowers to walk amongst, they have all of these to die for props around the field, including the cutest like VW bus! On top of that, they let you pick sunflowers to take home with you, and they take donations for local organizations.

I had such a fun time wandering around this field, connecting with women I had never met before, all of us just there empowering each other and having a fun time! If you’re new to the Denver area, or if your’e just looking to make some more connections with womxn in the area, Bad Bettie Project is a great place to find those connections!

If you’re interested in becoming a member of the growing non-profit Bad Bettie Project, you can check them out here!