Buena Vista AirBnb with Private Hot Spring | Colorado Adventures


If you’ve ever been to Buena Vista, Colorado then you’re probably familiar with the private hot springs that liter the area. From Cottonwood to Mount Princeton, there are so many to choose from! Having spent quite a few weekends in BV, I’ve slept next to South Cottonwood Creek, I’ve backpacked to Lost Lake Trail, and I’ve eaten countless lunches at House Rock Kitchen; every trip learning and seeing something new.

If you've ever kept an eye out coming down County Road 306, you’ve probably spotted the two cabins shortly before Cottonwood hot spring that has two pools on either side. I first noticed them once when driving down into town at night, no doubt to probably find food. My eyes caught a glimpse of some pool toys and brightly colored lights. A quick google search later and I realized that the cabins had their own private hot spring, and better yet, could be rented on Airbnb.

The cabins, Merrifield and Holloway, are owned by the family that runs the green house down on the corner of 306 and 285. They’re named after the people who used to own the land and cabin there, an incredibly interesting story that the kind host will relay to you upon check in.

Having driven by so many times, my significant other decided this was the perfect surprise to whisk me away to for my birthday. And surprise it was. For weeks there were no hints. I thought Salt Lake City, then maybe Glenwood Springs. When we pulled into BV my mind wandered to a weekend getaway at one of the more popular hot spring resorts, until we pulled into the little parking spaces reserved for guests at the Merrifield and Holloway cabins.

Location and history aside, this cabin has e v e r y t h i n g. There is champagne and soda stocked in the fridge, there are robes and sandals provided, and don’t even get me started on the sound system! I’m not much of a TV watcher in a place so magical so listening to my favorite folky playlist while playing Bananagrams (if you know, you know) reminded me of my childhood and making memories.

And lets not forget about the private hot spring itself. Sourced on this privately owned land from over the hill, the hot and cold water for the house are all provided by pipes from the nearby river, and the hot spring sits at a lovely 104 degrees. Its shaped out of smooth cement, with big boulders so naturally places as seats that I wondered for a minute if they had just built the pool around the rocks.

Sitting in that hot spring, drinking locally crafted brews from nearby Eddyline Brewery, having my favorite playlist sing-song to me over the speakers, while I tried to catch the biggest tufts of snow with my tongue was an experience that I know I’ll remember for a lifetime. And all with my favorite human by my side.

And so many others will too. Just a quick glance at the guest book and you can read about all of the celebrations that have been shared in that cabin. Engagements and birthdays, and even people just looking to take a step out of cell service.

I can’t thank Keith enough for bringing me to this magical place, and for the people who own it, for sharing it with the rest of the world.

If you’d like to rent the Merrifield or Holloway Cabins, check them out here and here on airbnb!