Christen Creative | Personal Branding Photography in Denver

Kimberly Crist Christen Creative Personal Branding in Denver

What are the words that come to mind when you hear the ‘personal branding’? The words I think of are, ‘individuality’, ‘people I want to be friends with’, ‘real people who are their brands’! I can’t tell you how important personal branding is! There are literally women in the instagram world that I want to be friends with 100% because of the strategy they use to brand themselves and their business on social media. We all know that everyone only posts the best part of their lives online, and thats all about personal branding, whether you realize it or not!

Recently I had the opportunity to work with the local entrepreneur behind Christen Creative, a textile and fashion designer located in Denver, Colorado. What I love about Christens’ work is that it is about visuals and textiles and patterns and colors and everything I LOVE incorporating into personal branding. And on top of that, she has an eye for color and detail that sets her apart from so many in her field.

After her initial consultation where we discussed what she needed (because she needs zero help in the photography game, the photos of her work and textiles are stunning in their own rights) we booked a shoot at a natural light studio to get her some new headshots and photos of her working. Natural light studios are fun to work in and make you really think about the light that is hitting your subject since you have little to no control over it.

We played with colors and angles and what Christen would normally be doing in her work environment, but with her personal touch. She uses so many fun objects in her every day design business that it makes it easy incorporating that into her photos.

AND CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE HAT. If you know me, you know I gushed about how amazing this hat is that she used for some of the side profile photos. What a unique way to put a spin on such a classic portrait!

You can follow along with Christen and her design business at her website here or follow the amazing visuals on her instagram here!