Commercial Shoot for 111 Watches | Denver Product Photography

111 Watches x Kimberly Crist Climbing Product Shoot

A few months ago I got the opportunity to shoot for 111 Watches with Lacy, one of the first models I ever worked with who I am now lucky enough to call a friend.

111 Watches wanted product focused photos of their watches being used while climbing, safely! Since I’m not too much (at all) a climber, Lacy and I strategised a shot list that would include wearing the watches safely.

We came up with photos that would vary back and forth between the different interchangeable straps that 111 offers. They would emphasize the timeless and versatile look of the watches, as well as the safe use of watches in climbing. We decided we would do both bouldering + sport climbing as well as a focus on shots of Lacy carrying gear, putting climbing shoes on, chalking her hands, her and Jordan spotting each other while bouldering, the watch hanging off of her chalk bag, and rechalking her hands.

We ended up shooting on my very last day living in Denver, before I headed East for some travel and I couldn’t imagine ending my 5 year stay in Denver at a better moment! We ended up shooting at some walls out in Morrison, Colorado. We climbed the STEEPEST approach in the glaring summer sun, I honestly think I drank all of the water Lacy and Jordan brought. But being there working with friends for a solar powered watch company that is just as passionate about the sun, watching my last Denver sun set behind the red rocks that liter Morriso,n was such a treat.

If you’re in the market for a new watch, check out 111 Watches! Personally, I was never a watch person before working with them but their watches are so gorgeous and now that I run my own business, being on time to meetings calls for wearing a watch 24/7! (Also, they’re waterproof which is great because I’m jumping in lakes ALL THE TIME).

And their social media and website is an amazing glimpse into the passion they have not only for the products they provide, but for their consumers as well! From a focus on getting outdoors and just doing the damn thing, they also support other brands who focus on the outdoors and our part in it!

If you’re around southern California, they are co-sponsering a clean up at the BLM land around Joshua Tree with a ton of other companies on March 9th and 10th! Check out their instagram here for more info!