Skateboarding Guanella Pass with Memory

Guanella Pass Skateboarding Photoshoot with Memory | Colorado Adventures

Skateboarding Guanella Pass

A little over a year ago, Memory and I found ourselves driving out to Guanella Pass in the middle of Janaury to get her some skateboarding shots! While the north entrance into Guanella Pass from Georgetown is usaully closed that late into winter, the south entrance up Guanella through Grant is typically open a little further (depending on the snowpack)!

The beginning of Guanella pass from the south is a lush wooded forest area where the road runs right next to the creek. Eventually you stop passing houses and trailheads and you start switchbacking up the national forest road into this huge mountain valley. It was the perfect spot for us to pull over and start shooting!

Guanella pass is usually incredibly busy in the summer. There are National Forest roads that seemingly jut off in every direction, the campsites overrun with trailers and RV’s. But in the dead of winter with strong winds and temperatures in the 30’s (don’t let Memorys’ shorts deceive you! It was F R E E Z I N G) we had the whole road all to ourselves. We just pulled over on the side of the road and, thankful for the strong sun at 8,000 feet, shot to our hearts content as Memory skateboarded around!