Lookout Mountain in Golden with Dillon + Erica

Lookout Mountain Adventure Couple Session

You know those people you know who are just so in love that it almost feels like this tangible thing you can see in photographs?

A lot of people tell me they aren’t comfortable in front of the camera but the great thing about couple photo shoots is that you are there with your partner who is your support in every day life! Now you get to be each others support doing something that might you may not be super familiar with. The short of getting photos together is you get to run around the woods and roads and have these moments with your significant other where you are solely interacting with them. The long of it is that you now have a visual tangible representation of your love.

I love taking moments in time and being able to capture them for you to look back on from years to come. I want you to print these photos out, show them to your children. Put them in your scrapbooks, on your wedding invitations, on your coffee table. It’s so important to have visuals of your life together, even when just sitting at home.

These photos are from one of my first ever couple shoots a few years ago. I know Dillon and Erica because I used to work with Dillon behind the bar at the Grand Hyatt Hotel. We worked a many 10 hour shifts, tasting new cocktail creations, getting our butts handed to us during busy conventions, and just always having each others backs in an extremely stressful work environment. His partner Erica would often come in on slow nights from teaching to see Dillon. As someone who understands how hard it is to have a relationship with that job (long nights, working 3-midnight, opposite schedule of your partner), it is so encouraging to see how supportive they are of each other and how they simply make time for what is important to their relationship.

We ended up meeting up in Golden for a little early morning sunrise session. The sunrise was spectacular, they brought their puppy Deebo to run around with them. Be still my heart! Please if you have dogs and the trail we are on allows it, bring your pets!