Evergreen Rock Climbing Couple Session with Lacy and Jordan

Man and woman embracing on mountaintop while sun sets behind them

Back in 2018 when I still lived in the big city of Denver, Lacy and I would do a lot of different shoots together. I think one of the first times we met, we went to a little reservoir outside of Boulder where she was nice enough to get in the freezing cold water. She was the first model I ever worked with and I am sosososososo thankful that this sweet soul was brought into my life. Through the three years we’ve known each other now, Lacy and I have shot quite often. Our last shoot together being a few months ago, my last night living in Denver, watching the sun set behind red rocks while we shot commercial product photos for 111 Watches. That moment and shoot actually came to fruition as inspiration from this set!

A few months after I met Lacy, she met Jordan. They attended school together, bonding over their mutual love for the insane things they know and learn in school (that I still can’t follow) and their love for rock climbing. So we all met up on an overcast week day afternoon out in the 3 Sisters area of Evergreen to capture some photos of them rock climbing together! Lacy and Jordan scaled some rocks, then we climbed to the top of the large boulder field in the middle of the park where the sun came out for just a hint of a moment!

These photos were actually shot in mid-July and I LOVE how green everything was so late into the summer season. Also shot out to Jordan for holding my spare lens for me as I climbed down from the boulder field. There was a lot of scooting on my butt because I am not a rock climbing and there was a good chance that I was wearing chaco sandals.

Rock Climbing Adventure Couple Session in Evergreen
Rock Climbing Adventure Couple Session in Evergreen
Man and woman standing on mountaintop holding each others necks and laughing
Man kissing womans cheek while sitting on bouldering pad in Evergreen
Man and woman smiling holding each other on mountain
Man and woman sitting on bouldering pad holding hands
Woman putting rock climbing chalk on mans face
Adventurous rock climbing couple on top of a mountain during sunset in Evergreen
Man and woman rock climbers laughing while putting bouldering chalk on each others faces